Thursday, April 28, 2011

lil bit windy today

We are lucky today that there are no leaves on the trees, there'd hardly be any left standing. I took a drive to the library this afternoon, traffic lights were out, trees down, police everywhere, craziness. The library's internets were down, so the usual group of people weren't crowded around the computers. I said to the librarian: "Wow, it sure is nice and quiet here today," and as soon as I did the power went out- she just said "Look at what you did." It was great, walking around the books in low light. I felt bad for the librarians though, there was a constant barrage of incoming calls inquiring about their internet. It's like the goddam Dark Ages around here when the www is cut off!

*As a side note, I remember once as a kid I had a Radio Shack circuit kit, with the springs and wires that connected the parts, and I had been working on some project, I think it was radio-based, and as soon as I hooked up the battery the lights went out, another weird coincidence, OR NOT?

Sunday, April 3, 2011