Friday, August 19, 2011

Blender + Kiku voice recognition

This is a quick demonstration of kiku voice recognition software and Blender 3D. There are currently about 90 voice commands, based around modeling/rigging, but the commands will work in other modes as well, eg "face" which invokes the F key will make a face in edit mode but will also Make Links in the node editor. This said, one can add multiple commands to invoke a key, see "vertical" and "wire," which both call the Z key.

To keep things safe there is no "quit" or "new" command.

If I missed anything important, or a user wants to change keys, feel free to modify the commands to your liking, it's very simple :)

*I didn't code kiku, I just extended the Blender command list.*

Kiku​kiku/​download/​ works in Ubuntu and Debian, if you like it and find it useful please donate!