Sunday, December 5, 2010

Level 1 Spellweaver

For some reason I'm nostalgic for the old D&D days lately, and I remember the best part of creating characters was drawing them. I also remember never actually playing much at all, so my characters were always stuck at Level 1. So, I'm thinking of doing a series of Level 1 characters, here is the first:

Level 1 Spellweaver, off on her first adventure. She is equipped with some of her Grandma's old hand-me-down stale potions, tinctures, and powders; nobody remembers what they do or if they are still any good. She made her own staff because she had a crappy money roll, and blew most of her gold pieces on the red scarf, instead of something practical like 50' of rope.


  1. When I was drawing comics I always painted directly without any sketches and changes, I just could not wait, really wanted to draw more of the story. Probably not the best practice, but it was more interesting. :) This one is great!

  2. Thanks! Nothing like loosening up a bit, good fun!